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This topic will contain the character bios for the user.
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Aleri, the Vindex de Crepusculum

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Re: PsychoticDoctor

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:32 am

Organization XIV:

Name: Sammy Mitori.

Age: 16

Height: 5'9

Weight: 150 lbs.

Race: Child of the Aura (pretty much a human capable of magic)


Personality: Random when he wants to be, but can be serious when he needs to be. He's willing to die for his friends.

History:When he was young, his "father" Nokir ordered his men to "kill" his family. Only Sammy and Yukashiri, his brother, were alive. They swore to kill Nokir. They trained at Figaro Castle until age 11. They encountered a Core Demon, a sheer esence of hatred. The Core Demon infected Sammy, giving him Twilight and Darkness manipulation. After this, they were sent to work in Phanandra Mines. Sammy accidentally "killed" Yukashiri, and broke down, destroying the facility. He met up with Kalea and Daniel in an enemy factory for recon, and were trapped in a massive explosion. Only Sammy survived. He was suited with a synthetic body. He then met Naomi, Karen and Alex. After realizing his family was against him, he killed them. At Onrac, the four put an end to the war. Months later, he dated Elizabeth, a long-term friend. After she attempted to rape Sammy, he, his friendm Jack, Naomi, and Karen went to Earth. They lived in New York City and served in the 66 Boys Unit. Then the darkness came, and Jack sent them to Vidalia. There, Sammy killed the corrupt King Valcroy, and obtained the Dragon Sword, Fragarach. Finally, Naomi, Karen, Alex, and he came to Terra.

Weapons: Dual katanas, guns, shoe knives, and two Netheron Knive gloves, which are knives that he placs over his hands.

Skills: Aura Manipulation(if he can think it, he can do it. New abilities take a long time to develop.)

SynthBody Mods: He was equipped with a synthetic body at thirteen. He can make abilities like ignoring water pressure, etc. Talke a medium to long time to develop new mods. Current mods are thermal vision, 10X vision zoom, and wifi reception.

Black and White Magic

Name: Naomi

Age: 15

Height: 5'4

Weight: 115


Personality: Kind and caring.

History: She met Sammy at Zemio in the middle of an Onrac raid. She was looking for the man who killed her parents, but didn't know it due to amnesia. She helped Sammy kill Nokir and they have been friends ever since they met.

Weapons: Dual longswords, and guns

Skills: Aura manipulation and white magic

Title:The Split Dragonborn
Name: Alex Zanthon Battle-Borne
Weapon: To be revealed in the plot. Large knife for now.
Name and Appearance:Dawnbreaker. A true paladin's sword, the golden Daedric sword shines bright when trouble arises, ready to smite evil.
Element: None for now.
Appearance: Normal weight for a 5'9 male. Has green eyes and medum length hair. Has a very deep voice for someone his age.
Personality: He has three.

Normal: Tends to be calm. He can be a jokester at times.
Dragonborn: When the blood of dragons begins running. Mentions the Eight/Nine Divines, and Tamriel and its people a lot. Can use Shouts.
Rage: You must have pissed him off. He will break things, point out flaws... anything to let out anger.
Gimmick:"Grey-Mane... Or Battle-Born?"

He will ask this a lot.

Theme 1: Dragon Fight (Skyrim)
Theme 2: Skyrim Main Theme
Theme 3: The Dragonborne Comes.

Story: TBR in Org. XIV

Title: Metallimb

Name: Satoshi Furude
Appearance: One of his arms from the elbow down is made of hard adonized steel, enchanted to be capable of movement.
Weapon: When fighting unarmed, he uses fingerlike claws...
And his weapon of choice when he goes to arms, a utility sword he got from mercenary work.

Element:In most cases, minor particle manipulation.
Personality:RP. I'm doing this on the fly, so whatever I post in my first post will be his personality.
Gimmick:"You can't break me, and you can't change me!"

Derezzed- Daft Punk
FF7 Fighting Metal Version
Steam Machine- Daft Punk
The Raising Fighting Spirit
HP: Mid
Attack:Mid high
Magic: Mid-high
Defense: Mid
Attk Speed-High
Combo Reach: Very. VERY low (this will hopefully provide some high voltage combat for Mike XD)
Running Speed:Mid
Evasion: Mid-low
Weakness: His metal arm, which is prone to falling off. That and women. (He's 15, what do you expect)
Special attacks: Particle Manipulation: Can move particles around (EX: Make people trip up on flat surfaces, melt stuff)
Charged swipe: If Mike's arm becomes charged with electricity, adds electric damage to his claw attacks.
Limit Break: Schizo Slasher: Attack speed and strength increases in a furious flurry filled with flourishes and flays.
Final Limit:Particle Ripper: His claws gain the ability to rend opponent particles, in an act of maiming melting
Desperation: Pulverizing Particle Placement: His claws turn into miniature versions of his serrated sword, which also become a conduit of particle manipulation, which turns the victim into a melted molecular mess. (God I love alliteration.)
Aleri, the Vindex de Crepusculum
Aleri, the Vindex de Crepusculum

Posts : 6534
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