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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sat Jul 02, 2016 9:13 am

This topic will contain the character bios for the user.
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Re: LightRoxas13

Post  Haar_Dragon on Sun Jul 03, 2016 2:38 pm

Title: The Windy Silhouette
Name: Maxgen (Pronounced exactly as spelt so Max-gen)
Original Name: Megan (Once again pronounced as spelt so Meg-an)
Weapon: Keyblade (Oblivion,Oathkeeper,Astral Blast (main Keyblade i guess you could say),and the Wind looking Keyblade in Days (forget the name and cant find it on google,might fix later also main-ish one))
Element: Wind/Air
Number: ??? (Dunno yet how many members are there?)
Appearence: 13 year old girl,brown hair down to sholders,blue eyes,skinny but fit
Personality: Slightly lazy but when working very dedicated (depends on what it is though and if she isnt in the mood she can be VERY lazy),gets mad/annoyed easily,a little quiet but she can be loud when with friends,if with others in fight relies on them a lot (but not like 'You can do all the fighting and i'll just sit and watch.' type she just kinda expects someone to be behind to watch her back) but if shes by herself she can take care of herself (sometimes),hates it when others get hurt,(Prefers to not say her Gimmick but loves to say it in her mind)
Gimmick: "I fly with the wind."
Theme: Always by Panic! At The Disco
Battle Theme: This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars.....?? (a little questioned on this theme)

-HP:a little higher than mid
-Strength: high
-Magic: mid
-Defense: mid-ish low
-Intelligence: mid
-Attack Speed: high-ish low
-Combo: high
-Combo Reach: long
-Running speed: mid
-Evasion: high

Special Attacks:
Air Ball- Air ball (der) created with the wind around her and can grow bigger and more powerful if kept in hand/stay at end of keyblade for a long amount of time,can be shot from both hands and keyblades

Aero Burst- Just air around her that swirls around her and can be released as a small shock wave...?

Areoga Explosion- Air surronds her body then exploads outward to blow away/damage opponent(this is also slightly used in Final Limit)

Wind Shard- Sharpens wind to where its almost solid and perice enemies

Can wrap wind around blade to make slightly more powerful

Can spin keyblades to attack in midair

Weakness: Electicity and doesnt hold back when attacking

Glide- Uses wind to run off ground but still close to it and uses wind to fly around (can also Levitate in one spot and still attack from distance but is hard for her to do)

Extra weapon- Uses wind/air to make solid weapon

Limit: Air Blade- Air surrounds her and Keyblade and slashes around in a frenzy,almost impossible for her to stop
Final Limit: Wind Frenzy- Uses Areoga Explosion in beggining to summon another Keyblade of her choice then does above Limit except stronger and air whips around her

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