OC Bios (One sky, one land, one ocean)

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Re: OC Bios (One sky, one land, one ocean)

Post  Maverick Entity on Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:15 am

Whats_Up4444 wrote:Unpossible. Best blade ever.

Are you trying to motivate a challenge from me?
Maverick Entity
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Re: OC Bios (One sky, one land, one ocean)

Post  Haar_Dragon on Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:21 pm

Name: Kage Tamashii
Age: 16
Weapon: Strike-based weapons. Usually a sledgehammer, but he'll use anything he can hit hard with.
Weapon's appearance:

Element: N/A
Personallity: Generally very upbeat and mischievous, and ready to believe almost anything. Kage is quite hyperactive at times, especially when he sees Heartless. He will do anything to protect his sister.
Gimmick: "Any problem can be solved by hitting it with a hammer."

Theme 1: Battle Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhmzEUIN4L4

Theme 2: Might give him one later.
Theme 3:


-Hp: Mid
-Strength: High
-Magic: Low.
-Defense: Mid-high
-Intelligence: low
-Attack Speed: Low
-Combo Capability: Mid
-Attack Reach: High
-Running speed: mid
-Evasion: mid-low

Weaknesses: He fights with a sledgehammer. A very heavy weapon. All of his attacks are telegraphed, plus if he wants to dodge fast, he has to release his weapon.

Special Attacks: Tornado Hammer. Used often enough, you should know what it is.

Abillities: None

Limit Break: None
Final Limit: None

Desperation: None.

Name: Hikaru Tamashii
Age: 16
Weapon: N/A
Weapon's name and appearance: N/A
Element: White Magic.
Personallity: Much more cautious than Kage. Not quick to trust people due to having had their town destroyed by Heartless, but very loyal and unwilling to leave him anywhere.
Gimmick: N/A

Theme 1: Being that she never leaves Kage, the same music plays for her as for him.
Theme 2:
Theme 3:


-Hp: Mid
-Strength: Low
-Magic: High
-Defense: low
-Intelligence: High
-Attack Speed: lowest
-Combo Capability: lowest
-Attack Reach: lowest
-Running speed: High
-Evasion: High

Weaknesses: Hikaru cannot fight, and is only able to use White Magic. If anything happens to Kage, she will also give herself up without a second thought.

Special Attacks: N/A

Abillities: White Magic.

Limit Break: N/A
Final Limit: N/A

Desperation: N/A

Story: Kage and Hikaru Tamashii are a twin brother and sister who lived in peace in Traverse Town, watching the people come and go, until the Heartless became incredibly powerful. During an evacuation of the town, their parents were caught and attacked by Heartless. Kage didn't see the attack on his parents and rushed out the door into the safe zone in the First District. Hikaru tried to turn around to help them, but Kage wasn't paying attention, too focused on their escape. He pulled her by the arm to safety, but was shocked to see his sister crying. He asked why, and she replied, "M-Mom and Dad are still back there..." Kage immeidately ran back through the doors with the nearest thing he could find, an abandoned baseball bat, but the Second District was covered in Darkness. Hikaru rushed in after him and brought him unwillingly back to safety. As a result of this incident, Kage has gained an uncontrollable urge to smash every Heartless he sees, going into a fit of rage. In addition, he tries to act outgoing and friendly to avoid losing control or breaking down. Hikaru became slow to open up, even to the point of paranoia. The two were evactuated by Gummi Ship to Asylum, and must make a living through stealing food. They've run into trouble a few times since then, leading Hikaru to learn healing magic, as well as a number of other White spells, practicing in particular the Cure series, Blink, and Reflect.


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Re: OC Bios (One sky, one land, one ocean)

Post  Whats_Up4444 on Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:28 am


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Re: OC Bios (One sky, one land, one ocean)

Post  XGeass on Fri Dec 21, 2012 3:13 am

Title: Crying Clown

Name: Pierrot Chain
Weapon: Scythe and a set of pointed chains he can materialize around himself.
Weapon's name and appearence: Final Jubilee (Scythe)
Element: none
Appearance: He is five and a half feet tall. He has snow whit hair and skin. He weirs an elegant black tail coat and top hat with a white under shirt and gloves. He always seems to wear a whit ceramic mask slits for the eyes ,with a red teardrop under the left one, and mouth.
Personallity: He is a bit of a jokester who likes playing who treats almost anything like a game but from time to time he takes on a more serious personality especially if he is enraged.
Gimmick: Threatens the lives of anyone who mocks his clothing.

Theme 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gODHUJPgqRk
Theme 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfuC2EcXzdg
Theme 3:

Stats: (Must have at least one "Low". For every "High" there must be a "Low". Also, if your a Melee-Mage, you must have both the Strength and Magic stats "Mid". Stats must make sense and not be overpowered.)

-Hp: Low
-Strength: Mid
-Magic: High Mid
-Defense: Low mid
-Intelligence: Mid
-Attack Speed: mid
-Combo Capability: High mid
-Attack Reach: Low mid with his scythe. Varied with his chains.
-Running speed: High mid
-Evasion: High

Weaknesses: Usually treats most things as a game.

Special Attacks:


Limit Break: Mad Clown- Pierrot throws his scythe in the air as it is caught by a red clown dressed as a jester twice the size as a human.
Final Limit:

Story: Will be reveled in the RP. Only thing known about him is that he has been traveling the world and has knowledge of things most don't.
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Re: OC Bios (One sky, one land, one ocean)

Post  Admin (HalcyonWandering) on Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:28 am

Title:Lingering Sentiment

Name: Maya Ferox
Weapon: Daggers
Weapon's name and appearence: Pain and Panic
Element: Illusion
Personallity: Over the years, Maya has developed a split personality that she identifies with her daggers. The first, known as Pain, is her true personality. Weathered from years as being a guardian to the Willright family, she is wise and calm but hides years of pain beneath her thin exterior. A single chip brings her into a depressed state. In this mentality, she speaks like a normal person even using first person indicators. The second, known as Panic, is her old personality. She has clung to her hyperactive trickster attitude of years past as a coping mechanism and a way to stay in the world as a tangible illusion. In this personality, she refers to herself in the third person and argues with a imaginary "Mr. Bear" Her eyes also take on a golden hue.
Gimmick: "Once upon a time..."

Theme 1: Hero Of War (String Tribute)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95ZsmQOkOd0
Theme 2: Help Is On The Way (String Tribute)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CiJAOELK2I
Theme 3: Misery Business (String Tribute)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVl3kAzfxp8
Theme 4: Welcome To The Black Parade (String Tribute)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYdSb8gLcac


-Hp: Low
-Strength: Low
-Magic: High
-Defense: Low
-Intelligence: High
-Attack Speed: High
-Combo Capability: Low
-Attack Reach: Low
-Running Speed: High
-Evasion: High

Weaknesses: While she can't "die", her illusionary body is incredibly fragile and takes a long time to reform if destroyed.

Special Attacks/Abilities:Can produce a random assortment of items to aid in battle and motion (Parentheses denote illusionary items used for the abilities) Cure, Cura, Curaga, High Jump (Spring), Glide(Wings), Dodge Roll, Quick Run, Aerial Dodge, Hyper Healing, Flash Step, Sliding Dash, Guard Break (War Hammer), Magnet Splash, Explosion, Slapshot

Limit Break: N/A
Final Limit:N/A

Story: Refusing to just move on or even age, Maya created a illusionary body for herself before the original died. After the world reformed, she took to adventuring and coming to the Willright family's aid when they asked for her assistance. Wise beyond her years, Maya has ventured to many corners of the world. Some even say that the Realm of Darkness is responsible for her new mental instability... When the heartless began to reappear, she returned to Synthisle and the current King directed her to a new quest. Journey with his young heirs and find the source of the heartless threat.

"It's only after we've lost everything, we're free to do anything."

<Any info on abilities for Maya or the now updated bios for Brenna and Jonah can be found here: http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Abilities_%28Kingdom_Hearts_II%29>

TITAL character(s): Ven, Namine, Minato, Yukari, Junior, Naomi, Joy, Xavier, Alice, Fia
Org. XIV: character(s): Lance, Thalia, Maya, Pheonix, Nicholas
Zombieland character(s): Nicholas, Maria, Rachel, Eric(deceased), Layla, Nick (gen. II)
Dark Bloodline RP: Brenna, Jonah
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Re: OC Bios (One sky, one land, one ocean)

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